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Become a Weekend Warrior - Set the Standard on the Sidelines at your Little All-Star’s Next Game

Mar 20, 2024

Rad River Co Game Day Tips
Some of our favorite childhood memories are the ones spent with friends on the soccer field, big wins after a softball game, or the sound of sneakers hitting the gym floor during basketball practice. Looking back, it doesn’t even seem that long ago - at the time we were making lifelong friends, creating core memories and developing important skills (teamwork, patience, grit, hard work, etc.) that would eventually prove to be the most helpful during motherhood. It comes full circle now with Spring finally here and weekend sporting events in full swing, and as a parent it can feel like even though you aren’t suiting up, you’re certainly gearing up to make it a successful game day all around. Whether or not you’re the official ‘team mom,’ you’ll always be the team mom of your household. Every parent is truly a team mom or a coach on game day, whether or not you’re on the field, because even on the sidelines you have an important role to play. We crowdsourced and brainstormed our favorite snack duty ideas, ways to entertain younger siblings, and a game plan to make your weekend mornings a homerun.

Game Prep

A prepared mind is a happy mind - that must be a quote somewhere…have a mid-week check-in with yourself and the rest of your family for your weekend schedule ahead. Find the uniforms and make sure they’re clean (get your kids involved to help!), gather all of the equipment, bags, your preferred seating, extra blanket if you’re planning to be outdoors, a cooler, and activities for younger siblings (more on this below). At the start of every season it’s probably a good idea to make sure your car is stocked with the following (sometimes games can be out of your local area and you just never know how long you’ll be out and about): umbrellas, towels, first aid kit, extra snacks, water bottles, a change of clothes with shoes, extra layers, sunscreen, hats for the whole family - we have a few ideas ;). Whether you use a shared calendar, WhatsApp, or TeamSnap - be sure to double check locations and times of each game and communicate a plan all around, including carpool help, to both lighten the load and make it fun for the kids.

Score with Sideline Entertainment
Making each game a positive and supportive environment should be the ultimate goal for every parent watching their kids play their little hearts out on the field and on the sidelines. We love the idea of making a cheer kit for younger siblings and other parents and grandparents rooting for their team - you can include pom poms, signs, and even some noisemakers. Younger siblings love being included in the action and having them actively cheer on their sibling’s team with a sign they made on their own is a great way to do just that. A wagon is functional for naps and to keep younger siblings contained for a little bit - or at least gives them the option of seating in one spot or another. Pack up the wagon (or stroller) ahead of time with a DIY portable art kit (that stays in the car when not in use), bubbles, chalk, Water Wow! books, reusable sticker sets, magnetic tablet, toy cars, or a handheld tally counter (random, but handy).

Snack Duty

Circle snack duty on the calendar ahead of time in red (we know if there’s one thing the kids look forward to after a game, it’s this moment!). Plan for it in your weekly grocery store run so you’re feeling prepared and be sure to set the cooler out and extra containers if needed in advance. Some of our favorite healthy snack ideas for sports teams are: trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, meat sticks like Chomps, crackers and cheese, banana bread or whole grain muffins, small tortilla wraps rolled up with turkey and cheese, clementines, cut up watermelon (a hands down favorite), apple slices with peanut butter, yogurt (frozen for warm days), peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and veggies with a yogurt dip or hummus. For some creative and easy to pull off protein packed snacks, we love what Eating Bird Food is serving up on her blog: 30 Healthy High Protein Snacks.

What are some of your must-haves for an enjoyable sporting event? If you have multiple kids playing on different sports teams - what are some ways you stay organized and present? We would love to hear from you in the comments below, or on Instagram, @RadRiverCo. We hope you’re able to score some points next weekend with a few of these tips to embrace your weekend warrior. We’ll be cheering you on! 

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