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Forget Resolutions, We’re Setting Attainable Goals for a Healthier, Stronger Lifestyle and Empowering our Friends and Family to Meet us There

Feb 05, 2024

Forget Resolutions, We’re Setting Attainable Goals for a Healthier, Stronger Lifestyle and Empowering our Friends and Family to Meet us There
Consider this the pep talk you needed to stop scrolling and get outside today!

At the start of a new year, it’s natural to reflect on all of the things. While we relentlessly strive to live our best lives, it’s important to gift yourself some grace as moving through every season of life has its challenges and wins, too (that should be celebrated and often). Let this be your sign to enter the “feel your best era” - it’s possible to make small adjustments to your daily routine that have major impacts on your overall health and well-being… and just know we’re rooting for you all the way. Did you know that if a mom makes physical fitness a priority in her life that her kids are likely to follow in her footsteps? According to a study in the Pediatrics Journal, a mother’s activity level lays the foundation for her children’s healthy habits and ‘future choices.’ Additional research has shown that when mothers and daughters workout together they improve their bond as well as their physical strength. It’s safe to say, once you start moving more it becomes contagious - the best kind of momentum to catch. The more active you are, the more it'll motivate your family and friends around you to level up their game too. 

Taking the first step to ensure physical activity becomes a priority is a conscious decision you have to make. Write it down, tell a friend, text yourself, turn it into a game, but find a way to stay accountable - like with Bingo! Yes, Bingo! Have you heard about the Bingo card trend? It’s a fun way to write down your goals for the year and visualize your progress. In this case, we’ve been jotting down our fitness journey, and finding more ways to spend time outside. Grab your favorite pen and download your very own Bingo fitness card (for free) and get started today - some ideas include: 

  • find a drop-in exercise class you’ve never done before (hello hot yoga) 
  • go on a new hike with a friend 
  • join the 1,000 Hours Outside challenge (more on this below) 
  • run a 5/10k 
  • incorporate the kids in a workout 
  • check out the Sweat Happy Club - fitness guides for all levels 
  • plan a kickball game 
  • find an outdoor space that has a ton of stairs and walk them 
  • walk on the beach and try grounding afterwards on the sand 
  • go for an extra long bike ride as a family 
  • try pickleball 
  • use a weighted vest on a walk/hike 
  • rent a kayak or paddleboard for the day 
  • plan a day date hike & lunch w/ your loved one 
  • walk to get coffee instead of driving 
  • offer to walk your neighbors’ dogs if you don’t have one 
  • add weights to your stroller for a run/walk with the baby 
  • join a local walking club 

An easy and natural way to improve your physical fitness is by spending more time outdoors. Yes, getting outside has more health benefits other than just accounting for your Vitamin D intake, it will also improve your cardiovascular and mental health. Plus, in Southern California the weather is just too good, and joining the 1,000 Hours Outside challenge has given us so many ideas (and the motivation) to take full advantage (checking out their Instagram page or Podcast is a great start). If you’ve been following along with Rad River Co. for a while, you may know that Bree’s little sister, Rylee, is a professional athlete in Australia, who also started her own fitness venture: Sweat Happy Club. You can learn more about her different fitness guides for all levels on her website, or visit her Instagram to get a feel for how she helps you achieve happiness through movement. 

What are some fitness goals that you’re most proud of achieving - maybe you finally ran that race you’ve been eyeing or you completed a self motivated challenge? The biggest question we have is how do you continue to stay motivated to reach your goals for maintaining an active lifestyle? Let’s share them in the comments below, or join the conversation on Instagram, @RadRiverCo. We’re feeling energized to get up and get out - let’s make it an active 2024 together. Here’s to building strength, stamina, and community! 


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